Web Services

See your vehicle position and status in real time from our GPS Tracking web application. Complete with current speed, direction and total distance traveled. With up to 10 seconds accuracy we are leading in a real time GPS tracking service market competition.

This feature allow you to monitor all of your vehicles in one screen. Very useful for unit coordination, needed mostly for corporate business such as, travel agent, package and cargo services. Optimize your transportation assets with this interactive feature for your business efficiency.

Complete history report is available for up to the last 3 months for personal account, and 3 years for corporate account. Our history report provides complete and accurate information for your vehicle and available in three different displays. The map, table list and animation display.

This features enable you to save specific coordinate as a custom, private place available only for you. You can use it to mark you favourite places or business related places. We provide you with custom markers, so you can personalize each of your private POIs.

This features let you know the traffic situation in realtime. Enabling you to choose the best direction to your destination, avoiding traffic congestion especially on busy hours. This feature is still in beta, and only available for Jakarta area for the moment.
You can schedule your unit to go to designated destination. You can see the progress as they travel on a sleek progress bar. You can also manage SMS alert when the unit has arrived, or before arrival using time or distance parameter.
Our reverse geocode system works in real time. Your vehicle coordinate sent by your GPS tracking device is lookup upon receive. So, you will also get a human readable address of your vehicle position without delay. Even when you set your vehicle to send coordinate update every 10 seconds!

SMS Services

Use our SMS Center instead of accessing your GPS tracker device directly. We provide more features and make it easier for you who has more than 1 vehicle to monitor. You will only need to save our SMS Center number to manage and monitor all of them.

Receive a realtime alert when you vehicle move over the speed limit you defined, when your vehicle turned on when fortified or it moved away from an area you specified (Geofence). The alert will be sent every 5 minutes as long as the violation persist .

You can send a simple SMS to our SMS Center to get your vehicle position. Our server will send you the latest position of your vehicle via SMS with human readable address (Reverse Geocode). You don't always need a computer to know where your vehicles are.

Shutdown your vehicle engine by simply sending a SMS command. Best protection to avoid your vehicle from from being taken away by unauthorized person. Your vehicle's engine will not be able to start until you send another SMS command to activate it.

You can easily save Point of Interest of your current vehicle position simply using text message. No need to login to our website for instant access. Your saved Point of Interest will be displayed on the web or SMS reply the next time your vehicle stop there.

Everytime your vehicle undergo a maintenance, record it immediately as simply as sending SMS message. This maintenance record will be available for you instantly on both our web and SMS service.
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